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I am very bad at keeping this page updated, I do have a facebook page which is kept very up to date. I currently have kits in the nest that will be available from late August.
All are well tempered kits and will make lovely pets. Please email me, or message me on my facebook page to express interest in a Camelot kit with a quick note to let me know if you are looking for a pet or breeding/show kit.
Kits will come litter trained, nails trimmed, health checked and transitional feed.

If you are interested in purchasing a Camelot kit, please contact me as I do have a waiting list. The colours that will generally be available will be black and black otters. I may occasionally get other colours but no guarantees.

Basic Starter Packs now available
Pack includes 1 feed bowl, 1 water bowl, 1 litter tray and 1 pair of nail trimmers, $20. Please note these kits are not kept on hand, please order when placing your deposit.

Pet kits are $100 each and come with care sheets, nails trimmed, litter trained and transitional food. A $30 non refundable deposit is now required if you wish a kit to be held for you, this can be paid via bank deposit or in person.

Show or breeding kits are $120 onwards each to club members which includes the kit being rung and with a transfer form and transitional feed. A $30 non refundable deposit is required to hold kits.

If you are interested in a Camelot kit, please send me through an email with your details. You are most welcome to call me but a follow up email is much appreciated.

Camelot Sale Information

Kits will be advertised here when they are 6-8 weeks of age after I have decided what I will be retaining. I am currently working on Foxes and Otters in mostly Black.

Kits sold as pets will come with a care sheet, nails trimmed, litter trained and a small sample of food.

No Kit will be sold under 10 weeks. Babies need this time to grow and be properly weaned from their mothers before joining their new families. If the kits are not at a weight I deem to be satisfactory, I will hold them back until they are.

Children under the age of 16 wanting to purchase a Camelot kit will need to provide proof of parental consent via a phone call.

Once kits are advertised, if you are wanting a kit held for you, full payment will be required within 2 days or the kit will be put back up for sale. Payment can either be made in cash if you are local or via bank deposit. Payment will be non refundable.

Please make sure to bring either a suitable box or pet carrier when you come to collect your kit to take them home in.

I try my very best to sex the kits correctly but even the most experienced sometimes make mistakes.

I health check my kits regularly and will so in front of you when you pick up your kit to ensure you know you are receiving a healthy rabbit.

I will not be held responsible for any illness, injuries or deaths that occur once the kit has left my rabbitry.

Please make sure you read my information page so that you are well informed before purchasing your new family member. The page covers quite a range of issues and will help you prepare for your new addition.

I retain the right to refuse sale to anyone I deem unsuitable for a Camelot kit.